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Founded in 2013, the company specializes in systematic cooling (condensation) scheme design and equipment manufacturing, providing one-stop overall solution. The company is located in huishan district, wuxi city, the factory area is more than 15,000 square meters, has more than 60 employees, the annual output value of more than 50 million yuan...





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What are the hazards to liquid temperature in closed cooling towers


Now in the cooling coil of the temperature of the liquid is reduced, cooling tower is considerations efficient scale, the liquid temperature in the cooling coil elements, become a difficult problem, the customer concerned of closed cooling tower manufacturers

What are the advantages of closed cooling towers


Now cooling tower technical, combined closely with the basic characteristics of the cooling tower is a kind of machinery and equipment, to the water cooler and air cooler, closed cooling tower is shell and tube type heat transfer equipment in a tower body, according to the mandatory since the natural ventilation

How to deal with water seepage in closed cooling tower


Now the emergence of the cooling tower water seepage, nowadays the type of cooling tower and specifications are relatively more, but in the long term, during the whole process of the application of cooling tower, long-term in a high temperature of the natural environment of tower equipment will

What is the power supply principle of closed cooling tower


Today's frequency conversion water supply system, it is used in the closed cooling tower in the application of new technology, to be able to communicate ac motor speed control technology and intelligent micro control technology

How to choose the type of closed cooling tower


Now cooling tower won widespread use in many industries, thus the requirement of cooling tower and manufacturing scale expand slowly, so the contemporary design of the cooling tower is more and more rich and colorful, on the basis of today's closed cooling tower manufacturing

What's the difference between closed cooling tower and open cooling tower?


Closed cooling tower and open cooling tower in the actual operation process will have a variety of different operating standards, but from the current situation, the two different types of cooling tower will have a variety of differences.

What are the characteristics of closed cooling towers?


The closed cooling tower basically adopts some sensitive high temperature resistant materials for processing, the ordinary cooling tower is basically not heat resistant, and 80℃ can be softened, 120℃ can be volatile, but in the process of the actual use of closed cooling tower, here also has more characteristics.

What is the control standard of water outlet temperature of closed cooling tower?


Closed cooling tower is a kind of circular cooling equipment, can be achieved by circulating water absorption or the heat generated by the production process of into the closed cooling tower, which is then spray onto all the material, and some of the big machine