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Corporate core values: responsibility

1)Continuous technical innovation to ensure that the product not only superior quality, and meet the requirements of environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainable development

2)Through the perfect service system, to provide customers with a full range of quality services, and from the perspective of customers, to meet customer needs

3)Strive to create a comfortable and harmonious working environment for employees, attach importance to their personal career development, give play to their personal expertise, and maximize the use of human resources

4)Take the initiative to give back to the society, in energy conservation, environmental protection, charity, talent training and other aspects of corporate social responsibility

Business philosophy



1)Improve production efficiency and shorten production cycle while ensuring product quality

2)Take the initiative to think from the perspective of customer needs, the first step to provide customized services for customers


1)Strive to improve the professionalism of the team and encourage employees to actively participate in company training

2)Attach importance to team cooperation and communication, employees need to unite and work together for the benefit of the enterprise


1)Continuous technical innovation to ensure that products meet the development needs of the market

2)Attach importance to the training of technical talents, and cooperate with universities to jointly develop professional talents