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Pre-sales consulting:

Pre-sales technical support personnel and customer technical exchange and communication, understand customer needs, customer needs to make the best plan. If the customer has questions or unclear, we will make the most reasonable answer. If we need to provide written materials, we will also collect the information of all customer needs and then sort out a complete set of design plans to deliver to the customer.

The project design:

Program design materials include but are not limited to the following:

1) provide equipment debugging and trial operation instructions.

2) provide equipment technical specifications.

3) provide equipment basic installation drawings, equipment outline drawings and site layout drawings.

4) the brief description of the equipment shall be provided, including the structural features, process requirements and application fields of the equipment.

Technical communication:

The designer will actively cooperate with the design institute and the owner to put forward reasonable Suggestions based on the actual situation of the project. In addition, we provide relevant technical documents according to customers' requirements, and make improvement according to customers' requirements, and provide customers with the most satisfactory solutions with great enthusiasm and responsibility.

The contract signing:

Both parties sign the contract after reaching the intention of cooperation

Equipment production and inspection:

We have a detailed and implementable quality assurance plan. This plan includes a written procedure to ensure that adequate control over product design, manufacture, installation, inspection and testing is established to meet the quality requirements of the owner.

Installation and commissioning:

Strict selection of all personnel to participate in technical services, only high-quality and experienced personnel are eligible to enter the service team. The service team accompanies the equipment to the site to provide installation instructions.

In order to ensure the safety and normal operation of the supplied equipment, project managers and technicians with high quality and rich practical experience will be dispatched to the site to conduct debugging with the owner strictly according to the debugging manual, and make debugging records. Responsible for solving problems in installation and debugging.

Operation training:

During the period of equipment acceptance, Tanya technicians are responsible for training the owner's technicians in equipment operation and maintenance. The training includes: equipment operation, inspection and daily mechanical and electrical maintenance, etc., and enables the owner's technicians to operate and repair the equipment independently. Maintain a responsible attitude towards the effectiveness and quality of training, assign technicians with rich experience, and provide training materials to the owner.

After-sales service:
Telephone pays a return visit

here will be regular telephone visits for each user who has been served, and the visitors have received special technical training. The return visit includes:

1) whether the cooling effect of the equipment meets the needs of users.

2) whether the operation state of the equipment is stable, whether the noise value exceeds the standard, whether the water consumption of floating water is normal, etc.

3) whether the equipment is out of order.

4) antifreeze Suggestions for equipment in winter.

2. Logistics service

Zhuo shield all equipment with 12 months of free maintenance period, and provide a lifetime warranty. The company has arranged 3-4 emergency maintenance personnel, who are specially responsible for emergency maintenance, to ensure the solution of emergency maintenance work outside the general maintenance schedule.

Zhuo dun provides 4 hours of immediate response service, and promises to respond to on-site maintenance within 24 hours and complete on-site replacement of equipment parts within 2 days. Timely maintenance of spare parts.

After the fault repair, the maintenance personnel to the user to do the daily maintenance work of training, prevent minor errors. Fundamentally eliminate, reduce the use of incorrect behavior, plug the source, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of unit failure, to ensure the normal use of users.

3. Information presented

In order to ensure the long-term normal use of the user's equipment, the user will be provided with a free technical information on a regular basis. The information includes:

1) Equipment maintenance manual.

2) instructions for the equipment to be used in winter.

3) equipment operation manual.

Relevant information can be obtained by calling jiangsu zhuodun sales service hotline