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Jiangsu zhuodun heat transfer technology co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of cooling (condensing) equipment integrating design, development, production and sales.The following positions are currently available for business development:

ONE. Technical supervisor/chief engineer

Responsibility:1、Develop new product development plan according to company development strategy, and lead design department to complete new product development2、Lead the technical department to complete the project design work, inspection project production work, to achieve customer satisfaction3、To manage the work of the department directly under him
Qualifications:1、Bachelor degree in mechanical design, hvac, mechanical and electrical engineering, more than 8 years of working experience in the same industry, more than 3 years of management experience2、Or mechanical design, hvac, mechanical and electrical related college degree, more than 10 years of experience in the same industry, more than 3 years of management experience3、Proficient in drawing software, plane, 3d design, familiar with modeling and other design software4、Familiar with mechanical design principle, material application, general machining technology, etc

TWO、Design engineer

Responsibility:1、Cooperate with Marketing Department to make product design plan2、Communicate with Marketing Department and production department to check the feasibility of design plan3、Supervise and inspect project production and solve technical problems in production
Qualifications:1、Major in hvac, mechanical design, mechanical and electrical engineering, college degree or above2、Experience in mechanical manufacturing is preferred3、CAD certificate, familiar with 3d drawing, skilled in CAD drawing software

THREE、Sales engineer

Responsibility:1、Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products2、Pre-sales, market development; Sales, progress tracking; After-sales technical support3、Customer file management, following up the collection, billing, debugging, etc4、Bidding for large projects
Qualifications:1、College degree or above, major in hvac, mechatronics, mechanics, etc2、At least 1-2 years working experience in sales industry, outstanding performance is preferred3、Quick reaction, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, affinity4、Have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness5、Responsible, team player, good at challenge

FORE、Skilled workers

Responsibility:1、Complete the production according to the drawings issued by the design department2、Carry out quality inspection and test on the parts made3、Commissioning, repair, maintenance, maintenance, etc
Qualifications:1、Skills in sheet metal, welding, fitter, etc2、No limitation on work experience3、Technical secondary school or above, able to read machining drawings