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What is the control standard of water outlet temperature of closed cooling tower?

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Closed cooling tower is a kind of circular cooling equipment, can be achieved by circulating water absorption or the heat generated by the production process of into the closed cooling tower, which is then spray onto all the material, and some of the big machine, can put all of this heat to the air, and thus reduce the circulating water temperature of closed cooling tower, better through these closed cooling tower and the contact, with the help of all of the temperature difference is to use, can put the moisture to evaporate into the air, so to achieve its own cooling effect.

1) closed cooling tower in the process of actual temperature control, will have more control standard, cooling tower water and water temperature difference also will be different, this also is a kind of measure is the most effective way, at the same time also has a more important parameter, in general the cooling tower will have a variety of different design, the temperature of the closed cooling tower in 37 ℃ or so basically, the temperature of the water at about 32 ℃, and water temperature difference in 5 ℃ or so, the design of the industrial use of closed cooling tower operating mode basically divided into many different design, can be divided into several files, so in the process of design, The difference in water temperature is between 8℃ and 20℃.

2) closed cooling tower in the process of actual operation, to ensure that every link of the open, can't appear some jam, one of the most common jams clogging or scaling of oil pipeline jam, if appear jams, it is better to clear in the first place, it can guarantee the final cooling effect, and in the actual use of time, want to have more use.