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What are the characteristics of closed cooling towers?

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The closed cooling tower basically adopts some sensitive high temperature resistant materials for processing, the ordinary cooling tower is basically not heat resistant, and 80℃ can be softened, 120℃ can be volatile, but in the process of the actual use of closed cooling tower, here also has more characteristics.

(1) closed cooling tower if really want to use, so basically choose are washing the working principle of the mainstream of the desulfurization efficiency is relatively high, but also can capture more harmful gas, also in the process of desulfurization is going to be a more dust removal mode, and even the whole nozzle design is very unique, is the technology for processing and manufacturing in the United States, has a different design style, in a certain water supply pressure condition, the jet of water mist, all also is different, and a dense spray solution, in good contact with dust or harmful gases and water mist, Basically, they all work better.

(2) closed cooling tower has basically flue gas, flue gas from the introduction of the whole system can be below the natural, cross-sectional area is relatively large, the wind speed is small, so the whole Yin resistance is relatively small, and resistance are basically in 9000, the resistance of the system in 12000, due to the resistance itself is relatively small, so the power consumption at the same time also is relatively small. On the one hand, it can better save water, on the other hand, it can also prevent sewage from flowing into the sewer, causing secondary pollution, and even achieve a water-saving or power-saving effect, with relatively low operating cost and small volume and weight.