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How to choose the type of closed cooling tower

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Now cooling tower won widespread use in many industries, thus the requirement of cooling tower and manufacturing scale expand slowly, so the contemporary design of the cooling tower is more and more rich and colorful, on the basis of today's closed cooling tower manufacturing, for refrigeration and environmental art design of cooling tower equipment, now the design scheme of closed cooling tower, to ensure the cooling tower technical basic indexes, has a relatively perfect cooling tower is equipped with and the design scheme of structure.

Design scheme for construction, installation and maintenance of appropriate site, a cooling tower shall be design scheme of large and medium-sized professional maintenance safe passage, closed cooling tower in the design manufacture process and application, cost of economic development is very effective, design the project cost is high, the operation cost is relatively low, in the cooling tower design, design regulations contain each other, in order to improve the cooling tower of compressive strength, must be made a lot of raw materials, it can harm the making cost of machine equipment, so the cooling tower choice model should be based on all aspects of comprehensive design regulations to carry out the examination and approval, And the cooling tower design scheme to comply with the provisions of the design specification, manufacturing goods standardization, standardization.

Review, according to the refrigerating temperature in the cooling tower at the beginning of the choice model, the refrigeration temperature is based on the design of the cooling water flow, then closed cooling tower cooling characteristics of the actual effect is more than or better than design value, according to the temperature of the water cooling circulating water to carry out the accurate measurement, and calculate the accurate measuring temperature, at the time that the design scheme selection model calculation formula of calculation, this kind of way is very simple and clear evaluation method, and high precision.

In view of the characteristic curve evaluation method, according to the provisions of the comments on the formula to adjust the cooling water flow under the design standards, and therefore must be precise measurement method for evaluating the graph data and information to carry out the calculation, can see that the application of this kind of machine equipment, in which must be in accordance with the requirements values in order to develop the reference, that can be more than the specific application of actual effect.