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What is the power supply principle of closed cooling tower

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Today's frequency conversion water supply system, it is used in the closed cooling tower in the application of new technology, to be able to communicate ac motor speed control technology and intelligent micro control technology, the use of reasonable in centrifugal pump control, maintain independent adjust the balance of supply and demand characteristics of centrifugal pumps, maintain reasonable connection with centrifugal pump generators, automatic frequency conversion water supply equipment, application of electrical and mechanical engineering nowadays frequency conversion water supply voltage regulator tube system software, the key of the key equipment for communication ac motor speed control, the equipment technical combination of micro computer control dc frequency conversion adjustment, technical This technique is used to analyze the instantaneous working pressure and total flow in the water network pipe.

This kind of machine equipment based on the operation of the specific work pressure and opening of the total flow automatic adjustment of the centrifugal pump, gradually achieve the constant current closed-loop control to adjust the technical derived from variable power supply, automation technology and can be manipulated, raise the level of the machinery, equipment and environmental protection and energy saving effect, therefore has many advantages, in the application of closed cooling tower in the application process, refrigeration system can perform monitor work pressure and the total flow of water pipe, automatic synchronization control, the operation of the centrifugal water pump speed ratio and water in moderate to maintain efficient environmental protection and energy saving work extents, power-saving effect is very significant, According to the statistical analysis can save about 30% of electricity.

Now the principle of frequency converter has excellent and perfect at present, and equipped with high quality centrifugal pumps, have a sound independent system software maintenance and hand, automatic function transformation, ensure the safety operation of machinery and equipment, improve the safety of machinery, equipment performance, reasonable save the basic construction of machinery and equipment cost, thus closed cooling tower choose centrifugal pump dc variable frequency constant current source control, regardless of water requirement of the system software change, can make the pipe gateway stability of the pressure of work.

The control system design for a sound unbalanced load, work pressure, short circuit fault, less water and electricity flow independent maintenance function, at the time that the encounter common faults can be independent alarm and inspection, intelligent system level is very high, so more security in the application process, to keep a full set of machinery and equipment of a few additional manipulation of centrifugal pumps.