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How to deal with water seepage in closed cooling tower

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Now the emergence of the cooling tower water seepage, nowadays the type of cooling tower and specifications are relatively more, but in the long term, during the whole process of the application of cooling tower, long-term in a high temperature of the natural environment of tower equipment will undoubtedly cause harm, and because of the cooling tower water seepage is many, people at that time of the cooling tower water treatment, the first to find a specific reason to the solution of the actual difficulties, therefore in the purchase of the cooling tower at that time, the customer first to cooling tower selection model.

Nowadays common cooling tower is relatively more including closed cooling tower, see here, why do people common open cooling tower, under normal circumstances, the application of closed cooling tower material such as stainless steel plate, if the cooling tower water seepage condition, at the present stage summary of the key factors of erosion is construction steel structure, construction steel structure is more difficult to solve by erosion, structural concrete seepage, the concrete surface freezing and thawing cycle corrosion and damage condition such as serious problem.

Aimed at this problem, is in the tower surface exposure is more significant, closed cooling tower inner cavity, closed cooling tower support and bottom bearing beam of the web side, stainless steel water trough, the central government tank, is a different level of construction steel rust show, plant diseases and insect pests in the fall and so on concrete protective layer thickness, cooling tower, both inside and outside temperature difference is relatively large, water vapor is more serious, will destroy the weak foundation of anti-corrosion layer have been first in the horizontal infiltration, cooling tower inner natural environment of sulfide, or is a high concentration of gas caused by alkaline etching.

To the leaking of closed cooling tower parts, the first check the anti-corrosion layer, if found fell significantly, anti-corrosion layer is used for the internal steel frame structure should be moderate in the acid alkali and countermeasures, in the application of concrete repair, then set the anti-corrosion layer, it is forbidden to etching expansion, if be is internal chemicals or alkaline gas infiltration, but also will promote isolated or gas is to collect, if be to design structure problem, an effective method that is improve anti-corrosion layer thick, to reduce the occurrence of this kind of problem.