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What are the advantages of closed cooling towers

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Now cooling tower technical, combined closely with the basic characteristics of the cooling tower is a kind of machinery and equipment, to the water cooler and air cooler, closed cooling tower is shell and tube type heat transfer equipment in a tower body, according to the mandatory since the natural ventilation, water and cooling circulating water to ensure that the cooling effect, the closed loop system characteristics, can ensure that water is very little, the water was not influenced by environmental pollution, plasma cutting is good enough to ensure the efficient operation of the main equipment, increased the life, winter or external average temperature is lower, can terminate the water spray system software application, with more than saving water environmental protection and energy saving effect.

Now closed cooling tower will be in the energy industry, food processing, power electronics technology, soft outfit furniture and other industries to give full play to the key effect, make the gas in the liquidity position reasonable replacement with flowing water, gas horizontal segment, but be circulating water cooling tube in tube side always bearing liquid and gas flow, in turn, is still a backflow, various streaming application of closed cooling tower, reflects the advantages of itself.

Although commutation control module is not the same, but the nature of each other, the casing heat exchanger is generally composed of parallel surface over and u-shaped bend type snake segment, closed cooling tower at the present stage, the common problem of water discharge is not clean, thus causing segment frozen, because the drainage is not clean, even without frozen, if frozen section in the tube, will also cause the launch tube, the whole equipment common failure problem, because of the sewage pipe at the time that the shop rules have certain slope, to enhance the application of high efficiency.

Such as food and clothing live line pipes, chemical waste water, such as pipeline design scheme in the guide to its minimum slope is often limited and shows that according to the changes in the application of the segment of the skew Angle of view, in view of the different perspective of drainage condition, include drainage rate more than size and how much is the water flow, and based on the dry basis of the theory analysis, and then work out the solution.