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What are the hazards to liquid temperature in closed cooling towers

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Now in the cooling coil of the temperature of the liquid is reduced, cooling tower is considerations efficient scale, the liquid temperature in the cooling coil elements, become a difficult problem, the customer concerned of closed cooling tower manufacturers, according to many years of practice, worked out the many key elements, thus to improve cooling tower to show the data, is the key of the cooling tower cold effect improvement goals.

According to volatile basic principle of heat pipe radiator, closed cooling tower of exhaust air, the wind in fan coil surface interaction will be relative to ascend, will accelerate heat pipe cooling, temperature of fluid mechanics in tube will reduce, on the contrary, temperature rise of fluid mechanics, so this way is the best way to control temperature of fluid mechanics, if the application of centrifugal fan is single speed motor, when the temperature is too high, so in the operation to be able to restart the ventilation system, makes the tower of the cooling tower of centrifugal fan in normal operation.

Closed cooling tower in the coil temperature and heat consumption of fluid mechanics, cooling water flow is closely related to the coil of ascension liquidity rate of cooling fluid mechanics, fluid mechanics in the tube temperature will increase, the mobility rate of fluid mechanics is slow, the temperature will be followed to reduce fluid mechanics, rate decision due to fluid mechanics in the pipe with fluid mechanics and fan coil units outside the water, gas, contact time, the humidity in the local gas is reduced, the temperature of the cooling fluid mechanics also decreased, but lower temperature have certain error, detect the centrifugal fan starting from the beginning, to the rapid rotation must be a certain amount of time.

Nowadays, the centrifugal fan applied in the cooling tower is damaged by the motor and can be started several times per hour. If the two-speed motor is installed, the temperature of refrigeration fluid mechanics can be more conveniently controlled. When the temperature of refrigeration fluid mechanics is slightly lower, the centrifugal fan rotates at half speed, while when the temperature of refrigeration fluid mechanics is slightly higher, it will run rapidly.