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What are the characteristics of closed cooling towers

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Cooling tower in steel in recent years, power electronic technology, mechanical processing and manufacturing of metallurgy industry, air conditioning unit and other manufacturing industry obtained the widespread use, due to the specific requirements of closed cooling tower itself, choose a specially made low pump head, large total flow of centrifugal pump with high efficiency, to ensure enough rain water flow under the condition of the ability to maintain smaller cost output power, greatly improves the environmental protection and energy saving effect of machine equipment, water pump motor for the outdoor type design, waterproof rank above a certain regulation, choose machine seal for centrifugal pumps, and wear resistance is very strong.

Cooling tower bottom point sets outlet for centrifugal pumps, in order to convenient application shutdown drainage pipe, avoid the winter because of the remaining water frozen broken volute, cooling tower has the advantages of resistance to corrosion, closed cooling tower after considered antirust processing problems, the skeleton diagram, control panel, such as stainless steel plate used galvanized steel raw materials, and to consider the application of cryogenic regulation, and superior corrosion resistance of the cooling tower, antirust processing, in order to promote the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel, cold and various natural environment under the standard of work ability are available, and thick galvanized steel raw materials for use tower, maintain bright color galvanized steel raw materials, Make tower appearance more beautiful and easy to use.

cooling tower in the operation of fluid mechanics in pyrogen and its coil of closed cooling tower in the circulatory system, according to the spray pump, by flowing water pipe nozzle, humid since the water spray on the surface of filling material to produce a layer of plastic film, has enhanced cooling effect, the other blower startup, generating set out a lot of gas to and, in turn, bearing from drowning into design grid into the wind, gas and water in the surface layer filling material in touch immediately.

In the evaporation process, the water will heat transfer in the heat of vaporization heat transfer way to through the gas generator set, according to the saturated state of the cyclones blower passed to gas and, in turn, will fade of calorific value, the other from the water by filling material after cooling to the fan coil units, so the circulatory system, downstream type filling material type design is especially suitable for winter operation, filling material part completely surrounded by shell wall plate, prevent freezing and clean cyclone immediately touch, and thus avoid filling material part of frozen, improve operation probability in the winter.