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What is related to the cooling capacity of closed cooling towers

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According to the cooling tower of the ability to work and sprinkling water, can grasp the refrigeration working ability is accompanied by sprinkling water and transition, and the cooling tower fitness work capacity continues to expand, the cooling effect will be very good, when closed cooling tower cooling ability, beyond a certain peak at that time, the water flow to expand again, and development trend of cooling ability of the work slowly and gently, and will remain in a peak, and thus can see, the water is not the more the better, in the range of certain refrigeration work ability, A modest increase in the water flow from the spray can improve the cooling capacity.

Because of too much water and the refrigeration work ability is not easy to cause a lot of harm, moreover the spray water flow, liquid gas side frictional resistance will be improved significantly, immediate means of centrifugal fan power consumption will increase and the water flow to reduce, reduce refrigeration work ability, but at that time was reduced to a certain value, sprinkle water will be from the dangers of the refrigeration work ability are relatively weak.

And manufacturers in the design of closed cooling tower at that time, to choose the suitable for refrigeration working ability and water circulation system, the specific refrigerating machine selection, customers can work according to the specific circumstances of the refrigeration capacity and water flow to carry out the cost budget, in most cases, the standard deviation and the specific values conform to, is due to the daily gas humidity values can differ, and therefore will be allowed a certain error.

At the same time, can bring a lot of the cooling water, the cooling fan coil surrounding the water vapor pressure decreases, guarantees the later since the evaporation of water jet endothermic reaction, but the greater the total flow of gas is not the better, the refrigeration closed cooling tower over the time that the ability to work in high efficiency is the biggest, so in the whole process of application of the cooling tower, must also be in accordance with the relevant provisions and the specific circumstances to carry out the adjustment, it can obtain the ideal application effect.