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Aison (tai hing)


Equipment used:

Open cooling tower

Model fkh-1667r quantity 4

Process parameters: water flow 4000m3/h, temperature drop 37-32℃

Purpose: process heat exchanger cooling


Esson (SNF), headquartered in France, is the world's largest polyacrylamide manufacturer and industry leader. Aisen group has branches in more than 30 countries and more than 20 production bases in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

Essen's water-soluble polymers are widely used in drinking water treatment, sewage treatment, tertiary oil recovery, mining, paper, agriculture, textiles, cosmetics and other industries. Aisen company attaches great importance to product research and development, more than 1000 kinds of products.

Essen entered the Chinese market in 1992, and built a 50,000-ton polyacrylamide plant in daqing, a major project of China's "eighth five-year plan", through technology transfer. In order to provide localized sales support and technical services for the whole Chinese market, sales offices in Beijing, guangzhou and Shanghai were successively established. In 1998, China factory Essen (China) flocculant co., ltd. was established to supply a full series of anionic powder, emulsion and water agent of various forms of polymer.