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Saibolun (Hohhot)


Equipment used:

Closed cooling tower

Model fbss-167r1s   quantity 36

Process parameters: water flow 150m3/h, temperature drop 37-32℃

Purpose: long crystal furnace cooling


Inner Mongolia saibaolun technology co., ltd. was established on January 6, 2017, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. It is located in shaerqin industrial zone, economic and technological development zone, Hohhot city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, covering an area of about 300 mu. The production scale of the project is 2GW per year. & have spent The company is committed to new energy technology innovation, clean and low-carbon, safe and efficient new energy system construction services. The main business is monocrystalline silicon rod pull crystal production, monocrystalline silicon production technology research and development, monocrystalline silicon complete production equipment technical transformation. Research, development and production of new energy materials. Photovoltaic cell module research and production, new energy intelligent distribution control system research and development, production.